As professional consultants in leadership, effectiveness and communication we have a variety of courses, seminars and longer programs to offer, all of which can be tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. We take pride in delivering and creating change that makes an impact and that translates into greater performance, greater satisfaction and profound insight. We also offer individual support through personal coaching. All our programs, seminars and coaching sessions can be delivered in English.

HAST Utveckling AB was founded in 2001 by Managing Director Wilhelm Hast. In addition to Wilhelm, two other consultants, Monica Jaxelius and Ann-Christin Gavén, are part of the staff working directly with our business clients.

All the consultants have considerable international experience as well as the know-how to work with organizations with a high degree of cultural diversity and with “methods” applicable on any continent. Our work on leadership and communication has brought us to countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Scotland, England, USA, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Singapore.

Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked within education and coaching in the fields of leadership, communication and personal effectiveness since 1989. He specializes in developing personal leadership and coaching on higher corporate level, as well as delivering courses and seminars along with the HAST team.

Wilhelm has a B.A. in Science of Faiths and Ideologies, and a passion for Human Development.

Since the start of HAST Utveckling AB in 2001 the company has developed and trained managers in more than 25% of Sweden´s 100 largest companies.
Mobile:  +46 (0) 70 666 52 96

Monica Jaxelius

As a consultant, Monica has more than 10 years experience of developing individuals and groups in  large international companies as well as smaller businesses. She has developed a thorough understanding of what works and makes a difference when delivering courses and programs. In her consultant role Monica lives for empowering people, making a difference and creating extraordinary results.

With a background in Marketing and a deep interest in the art and science of education Monica loves to invent and create new approaches to different target groups.
Mobile:  +46 (0) 707 47 40 10

Ann-Christin Gavén

Ann-Christin’s main focus, as a coach and trainer, is on excelling the performance and well-being of individuals and groups, work/life balance and personal leadership.

Ann-Christin has a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Psychology from the University of Oslo and a Bachelors degree (B.A.) in Social and Organizational Psychology from Boston University/Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium, as well as considerable experience in international organisations and networks.

She also has an extensive background in the performing arts, allowing for an added expertise in training managers and ”speakers” in the art of public speaking and non-verbal communication.
Mobile:  +46 (0) 702 63 24 04

Martin Westerling

Martin has extensive experience in sales of services, customer care and competence development. One of his areas of expertise is to match the customer’s needs with the right education or development effort.

He is passionate about having meaningful deep conversations that make a difference and is a trained Diploma Coach according to the ICF. He works both with coaching and customer contacts in his current role.

Mobile:  +46 (0) 707 81 97 07

Fiona Jacob

Fiona has worked as an Executive Coach and Mentor for leaders and managers in the Business, Healthcare and Charities sector, as well as providing Professional Coaching Supervision since 2010.

Prior to joining Hast in 2018, Fiona was a Director of Nursing for over 20 years, and within her remit she was accountable for large change projects as well as commissioning projects in Healthcare Institutions Internationally.

Fiona holds an MBA and a MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change (distinction) from Henley Business School, UK. She holds a BSc (Hons) Nursing, a Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare management (RCSI) and is a Certified Master Transformative Coach and Certified Legal Mediator.
Mobile:  +46 (0) 725 26 11 33

Please feel free to contact us to inquire further with regards to our educational programs and our individual areas of expertise.